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China Internet Ad Market Share Q3 2010 (Chart) *Baidu leads Alibaba, Google, Sina*


Internet Ad Leaders: Baidu, Alibaba, Google, Sina

China Internet Ad Operators Market Share Q3 2010

Analysis International is reporting that the statistics from Enfodesk, the Seasonal Survey of China Online Ad market in Q3 2010, have Baidu (30.09%) leading in market share ahead of Alibaba (9.27%), Google (8.90%), and Sina (8.89%). Tencent (6.14%) and Sohu (5.57%) trail

Noteworthy is Google has slipped from 2nd to 3rd in market share with this report, although Google has stated Q3 China revenues did increase from Q2. Google, in a dispute with Chinese censorship, began redirecting its web traffic to their Hong Kong website early in 2010. Google closed its Chinese website. China did renew Google's internet operators license at June 30, 2010.

The Analysis International Press Release

The increasing diversion of fragmentation browsing decreases the market concentration of online ad operators in 2010 Q3. Among major operators, Alibaba’s Taobao keyword ad and the development of interactive marketing ad business allows its ad revenue to grow substantially and therefore Alibaba has jumped to No.2 in China Internet ad market, outdoing Sina and Google; while Google’s market share has dropped by 2%. Analysys International believes that to put an end to its drop, Google needs to make a quick response by redoubling its efforts in direct ad sales and cooperating with ad agents to adapt itself to Chinese market.

In addition, with the continued enhancement of Tencent ad marketing business, its ad revenue will keep growing rapidly. However, compared with Sina ad which grows in a relatively mature way, it's a little bit difficult for Tencent to overdo Sina as regards ad revenue.

About China

China has the largest population of any country in the world. Total population is 1.328 billion (2008), about 22% of total population in the world. Li Bin, director of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, said that the world's most populous country is projected to have 1.39 billion citizens by 2015. China also has a very dense population, with approximately 135+ people per square kilometer. By comparison, the US Census Bureau estimates the USA population at 310.8 million and the world population at 6.88 billion.

Since the founding of new China in 1949, China's economy has witnessed great achievement in different stages. The CIA World Factbook estimates China is the third largest economy in the world, behind the European Union  and USA and ahead of Japan.

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